Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Proud Wifey

My husband is very desperate of losing weight, though he's not a good eater but wondering how he gain so fast from 190 to 230. I admit due from his busy schedule at work and other sideline of his own business is really tough to manage himself exercising. He's a very picky person in terms of food. I used to cooked filipino foods but since he doesn't really like it. I rarely cook, once in a blue moon. If I do, I only feed up myself and wasted after few days. I sometimes told him he's been very unfair coz I eat his food but he doesn't eat my food. He has a millions of reason before he will taste it. My husband has his own diet. I must say the reason why he gain weight it's bec. he don't eat in a normal time. Emagine he only eat once a day in a late afternoon and thats already included his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who the hell can manage to eat once in a day? now tell me!? I told him to stop on his crazy diet, and eat in a normal time. His stomach processing or digesting really slow thats maybe one of the reason.

Sometimes, he talked to himself desperately that he's very fat and just to made him feel better I told him a hundred times, that I will still love you no matter how big ur billy is (and we both laugh) but adding these words...that as your wife I'm also worried coz being a big size can also laid to unhealthy life...so better to exercise and eat in a normal time.

Until he realize one day, that being fat is not healthy. So he bought few exercise Dvd tapes and did exercise almost everyday. I'm so proud of him, though he still doesn't change his diet but at least it's a good start then. He can only take one at a time, and I wont stop reminding, motivating him to exercise daily. Now he lose 5pounds in about a week :-) This is just the beginning of his being fit and thats made me feel proud to motivate him to achieve his goal.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have my Dental Implants Surgery (really scared)

To give some idea what a Dental Implants looks like heres some of the photos..

Tomorrow morning (Oct 2, 2008) I have a schedule for my tooth surgery called Dental Implants. Dental Implants is effectively a titanium screw surgically inserted into the jawbone to eventually act as a replacement root for the missing tooth. It has a screw-like threaded external surface and an internal hollow well with screw threads. Sounds really scary uhh!? Dental implants are a great alternative for people who are in generally good oral health that have lost their teeth due to an accident or have lost a single tooth or teeth due to peridontal disease. Single tooth implants like what I have for tomorrow actually rely on your other teeth for support so they can be a tooth saving solution in many ways.
According to my Periodontist it takes about 3 to 6 months before it heal up or the artificial root screw will totally attach to the jawbone, sounds really long for me, but thats the way it is. No choice! Hearing about the screw in my mouth forever, makes me more scared cuz I really dont have idea how it feels like as what the normal teeth is. As what my Perio says that Implant is a permanent it will last about 15 to 30 yrs or forever if u really take good care of it.
It's been a week that I feel scared and nervous about it. I always shared this strange feelings to my husband and to my mother in law but to get over and dont worry about it. My husband and my mom always encourage me and talk about how good my Periodontist and how good this implants to my health. The main reason why Im candidate on this procedure bec. I had a missing single tooth in my lower second molar and need something that can support some of my other teeth to avoid shifting or got crooked that caused to had a brace for about a yr and now that my brace were off . It's the time to get a better implants. Which I really dont like cuz I know it's very painful after, though they will put me into IV-sedation or like half asleep and cant feel anything pain while doing the surgery but still im scared on those huge injections. Other than that its really painful in the pocket meaning its way expensive it cost a thousands of $$$ for one tooth. I told my husband if I can back out but he really dont want it. He said now that I'm almost get over it Why to surrender? I got a 9 days off from work starting today, so hopefully after those rest day of surgery I feel get better and back to work and make money again..lol..

Wish me luck tomorrow guys and hopefully my surgery will doing fine.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally we own the house!

front view of the house

The kitchen

It's been a week since we've owned the house that my husband and I bought. We're both so happy and excited. Happy, because we can start to build up a family that we really want. Excited, for moving in and changes for our life together. It's kind of tough because everything is a first time experience - from moving in, to buying all the things that we really need to have. The most exciting part is household shopping, its kind a hard but we really need to get everything to make the house a home. Naturally my husband has to buy all the things he likes, so I just tell him I like them also to make him happy. He buys things because they are cheap or affordable, and he says he has a plan - but I think he is just trying to save money so that we will be able to pay for the house, the utilities, insurance, and everything else that a homeowner has to pay for.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thanks to Ann...( Bisdak's Footprints )

As a new blogger, it really knocks my b*tt before I figured out and managed each additional stuff that I made here. I was totally naive, especially adding those code text for my messages or even inviting list of friends here. Without helped of Ann I dont think I can make these things possible. It look so simple but d**n so complicated. If I'm not mistaken its been an hour before I succeed the things that I really wanted. I am very glad and really appreciated to Ann for helping and guiding me those problems that I cant figure out by myself. From the bottom of my heart Ann THANK YOU so much for sharing your knowledge and for your patience. Naway pagpalain ka ng maykapal at dinggin ang mga kikitain mo sa PPP..lol!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Big day for me!!

Our master bathroom

It's my off day at work. I got up early this morning just to feed the hungry cats. After all, I cant just go back to bed and make a little nap, which I normally did it after feeding the cats. I dont know why..?, maybe bec. I'm just too excited and looking forward to b a part of the house inspection that my husband and I really wanted to buy as soon as we finish everything. Yes! we're actually buying a new house and we are both very much excited and at the same time feel nervous knowing that we're going to leave my mother n law alone in the house and the cats too. Which, we're very much concerned and worried about. I'll tell u, that this will be the very big desicion and adjustment for us as a couple not only us but also to my loving mother in law, having her one and only son for over 30 yrs on her arms and suddenly just leaving. I knew that it sounds really dependable but knowing and witnessing how they both loved and cared each other, makes us so sad, esp. to my husband how he shown his love and takes good care of his mom so well, but other than that we knew that mom is so happy for our decisions for future aheads.

Anyway, go back to the house, we're just done doing the house inspection and everything is doing fine. One of the part of inspections were checking if the house has a termites, if the electricty and water works fine, good roofing and all that. The people that go with us were the agent, the inspectors and also our very supportive mom and dad ( my in Laws ) there were very supportive with us since for the very first time, Which I really appreciated and loved most. I couldnt asked for more but to be thankful for having an in laws like them. ( Im so blessed!! ). Sometimes, I asked myself that maybe Iv'e done something really good that God gave me the best husband and in laws like them..that made me really so proud of them.

So..this is about for now and I'm looking forward to tell more interesting stories every now and then. Have a good day to all!!

Welcome to my first blog!!

Hi bloggers! Allow me to welcome myself in this new world of blogging. Its been, 12midnignt as I start to post for my very first blog. I just got home from work but Im not really feel tired and sleepy, so it would be better just to spend time here while Im still awake. This is my first blog on this site, so..I'm still really working on it how to figure out and manage on this thingy. OMG....it takes a lot of time to figure out everything. I still dont know what to do, I'm just only experimenting and checking out as possible as i can do. It took me as a challenge every settings and posting that I made here. I tell u dude..its very stressful and it really get my nerves b4 I made this account. I hope i can make justice for all the stress that i been through since I started doing this, and I knew that it takes a lot of time for a beginner like me.Good thing Im very Patience.,naks!!

Im not really into it due to my busy schedule at work, so I really dont have enough time making my own blog and possible earning money while staying at home but bec. everytime I search online or visiting in any site of blogging to my co-pinoys. Blogging is always be there trying to caught my attention, and for the last time without any hesitation it would be possible as a busy worker and a busy wife like me to make my own blog and hoping to catch PPP as what bloggers said..lol! Aside from that, Im hoping that I can also gain friends here, sharing thier experiences and success n lifes. Oh...u guys just invite me here if u would like. It surely appreciated..cuz I still dont know how to invite people here. Hope u understand to this poor lady..lol!!

Anyway, Ill make my ending here cuz its very late at night now, but b4 ill make my goodbye night. I'll tell you guys even this blog really screwed up my mind a bit, I can say that it's really fun sharing my experiences with others and at the same time its like also making my own diary to public, that make others more interested . Oh!! sha..sha...have a good night sleep..and Ill promise, that this will not be my first and last post cuz i still have more experiences and fun things that I would like to share u guys...Bye..